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"When our 14yr old son went missing in February 2008 it was a very traumatic time for all of us. We were emotionally and physically exhausted searching for him, we felt frustrated and helpless not knowing what to do. The Missing Children Society referred us to Investigative Solutions Network, and when we met with Dave Perry from ISN, my husband and I immediately had confidence in him. His concern was genuine and he spoke honestly. As soon as the investigators from ISN began working with us a huge weight was lifted. As former police officers, their experience, knowledge, and resources were impressive and that is exactly what we needed to move forward. Our son was located in another city 6 hours away from our home and the investigators from ISN made sure we were reunited and brought him home successfully. Thank-you Dave Perry and Ron Wretham for being so dedicated in finding our son. Sincerely and forever grateful"

~ Linda Toner

"Dave Perry has supported the work of Child Find Ontario for close to 20 years. He has assisted in the training of our volunteers and staff and most importantly, he has been an advocate and a voice for missing children and their families. As the president of Investigative Solutions Network, a private investigation, training and consulting firm, he continues to assist families who have missing loved ones. Dave and his associates at ISN are all former police officers with tremendous backgrounds in the investigative field, including locating missing people. I highly recommend the services of ISN and thank Dave and his team for all they do."

~ Trish Derby, Executive Director, Child Find Ontario

"If you ever wanted to bolster your resume for Toronto 's special squads or perhaps for some other police service, The ISN Interview Course will show that you have the knowledge, skills and drive that make the distinction between good cops and great cops.  I highly recommend this course. I truly felt privileged to be on this course.

The ISN course is well put together with concise information that comes directly from the nations leading Homicide and Sexual Assault Investigators; Real investigations are examined and as students we had opportunity to practice the new skills past down to us in front of these investigators for their critiques.

The methods taught here can be utilized in every aspect of police work. As a traffic officer, I conduct approximately two interviews per day. Even in the simplest of interviews the skills learned are put to use. As a Primary Response Officer, in the past I have conducted simple interviews of at the scene; Later the information obtained has assisted the lead investigators;in building a case to charge and later convict these same people I spoke to; When I was in the Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Office a good interview meant the difference between, Conviction of serious Criminal charges in a high court Judge and Jury trial, to not laying charges at all do to a lack of evidence. Interviewing will be The Most Important skill you will ever use as a police professional!"

~ Todd Parker

During the Boston Bombing arrests, on Friday April 19th, 2013, ISN Co-CEO Ron Wretham spent 11 hours commentating, as the events unfolded, with the CTV News Channel anchors.

Good day Ron and Larry,
I trust this email finds you well. I am writing to personally thank you for the yeoman’s work that both of you did for us at CTV News Channel during our broadcast on Friday. We were fortunate to have you here in studio and realize that the way things unfolded that it impacted whatever plans you may have had in place.
As a broadcast, it was one of the rare times that as a news organization we can tell a story from beginning to end in such a short amount of time (though I’m sure it felt long by 9pm) We are grateful and indebted to you both for seeing the story to the end. It displays both your professionalism and commitment to your expertise.
You are two of the most knowledgeable and insightful guests that we’ve ever had and our coverage would not have succeeded without your presence.
Thank you again for all your help. We wish best regards and hope that we can tap into your expertise once again in the future.

Warmest regards,

-Jeffery Tam, Producer, CTV News Channel

"I recently had the chance to take your Investigative Interviewing Course and wanted to send you some feed back. I am working in a law enforcement field where I am required to interview and de-brief victims, witnesses, suspects and accused parties on a regular basis.

Your course was both informative and interactive on the topics covered, it taught me interview skills that I was able to apply immediately to my job. I have done several intense interviews since I took the ISN course and have noticed my confidence and skills increase as I applied the theories taught. During one lengthy interview I had an accused party confess, many other interviews were successful as I was able to indentify signs of deception and keep the investigation focused, I was able to gain valuable information in a more efficient manner than I was able to do before the training. These positive results are all directly attributed to the training I received.

My interview skills were moderate before the ISN training, I truly feel I have gained invaluable knowledge from your course that has made me a much more skilled and advanced interviewer. I have applied your techniques and have seen the positive results first hand, Thank you."

~ Mike O'Connor

Scholarship Winner
"My experience at Durham College has been extremely positive. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Detective Sergeant Dave Perry for his ability to inspire and motive his students; he truly is an exemplary instructor and mentor. I hope that by receiving this scholarship my five children will be inspired to follow in my footsteps."

~ Vincent Wilson, Police Foundations Diploma Program