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The focus of such investigations generally includes shoplifting, package pilferage, embezzlement, credit fraud and cheque fraud.   "Loss prevention" or "asset protection" describe a number of methods used to reduce the amount of all losses and shrinkage often related to retail trade.

According to the 2006 National Retail Security Survey, 46.8% of inventory shrinkage is attributed to employee theft and a further 31.6% of shrinkage comes from shoplifting.

ISN will provide the following services relative to your company's loss prevention requirements:

  • Retail / Industrial
    • Plainclothes retail investigators
    • Undercover operatives
    • Warehouse / distribution centres
    • Employee compliance
    • Covert surveillance
  • Loss Prevention Training 
    Let ISN train your loss prevention personnel to ensure professional, ethical and legal results. We have the qualified trainers to teach your loss prevention security personnel every aspect of plain clothes enforcement and security such as:
    • Undercover techniques
    • Offender apprehension
    • Powers of arrest & Detention
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Note taking
    • Report writing
    • Court preparation / witness training
    • Legal compliance
  • Civil Loss Recovery Program 
    In addition to apprehending the offender, ISN personnel will initiate our Civil Recovery Program. Our investigators will notify the accused party, verbally and in writing, that they will be held civilly responsible for the cost of the investigation. The offender will have 21 days to reimburse you, directly with non-payments referred directly to a collection agency.

Security Inquiries:

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