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    • TORONTO STAR: Cold case trail won’t heat up without law change, cops say

      "Privacy rights shouldn’t trump earlier DNA collection, according to police, criminologists."

      By Michelle Mcquigge, The Canadian Press Wed., June 8, 2016

      "A man stalked the streets of Toronto, a 45-year-old mother of four in his sights."

      "He mapped her movements through her downtown neighbourhood, plotted his attack, then savagely struck one August night in 1983. When he was done, Susan Tice lay sexually assaulted, stabbed and breathing her last in her own bedroom."

      "Four months later, the scene played out again, this time during the Christmas rush in the heart of Yorkville — one of the city’s most posh neighbourhoods. The victim, 22-year-old aspiring fashion designer Erin Gilmour, suffered the same horrific fate."

      "That’s what detectives at the Toronto cold case unit believe happened. In both cases, they say the assailants left behind traces of his DNA, captured by police."

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    • FIRSTHAND CBC-TV: How filmmaker Dylan Reibling teamed up with former detective Dave Perry to solve a cold case

      By Dylan Reibling, Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 9 PM

      "On April 3, 2002, the Toronto Police were called in to investigate a strange smell coming from the apartment of computer salesman Michael De Bourcier. They knocked on his door and called his phone, but received no response. They were issued a warrant to investigate and gained entry to the apartment. There they discovered Michael's body - dead from what appeared to be a heart attack. At 35 years old, Michael was not the typical profile of a heart attack victim. The police took note - more investigation might be needed."

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    • METRO NEWS: Spy before you buy that condo

      By Duncan McAllister, July 16, 2015

      "To empower Canadian homebuyers to do their own detective work, real-estate brokerage TheRedPin recruited private investigator Dave Perry, a former Toronto homicide detective and cofounder of Investigative Solutions Network. He is regularly consulted to investigate investment neighbourhoods for a confidential roster of clients."

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    • Toronto Star: Toronto man’s quest to solve mystery surrounding dead friend still unfinished

      By Lauren Pelley, June 14 2015

      "A call from Toronto police letting him know that his old friend had died sent Dylan Reibling on a quest to find out what had happened. It turned out to be a mystery without complete answers."...

      "Private investigator David Perry, seen in his office at Investigative Solutions Network Inc., helped Dylan Reibling in his search for the truth about Michael De Bourcier."

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    • Dave Perry to be honoured by District 60 Toastmasters - Presentation of The Communication and Leadership Award

      - November 16, 2013

      About the award winner:

      Dave Perry is an accomplished senior executive who has established an international reputation as one of Canada's premier investigators. As a result of a distinguished, 27 year career with the Toronto Police Service, Dave is called upon regularly, by various media outlets to provide expert opinion on domestic and international cases. He has been sought out by the private sector and law enforcement and governmental agencies, worldwide, to conduct seminars on investigative strategies, interviewing techniques, and major case management.

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    • Global 16x9: A investigation into a Saint John police officer’s decades of child sex abuse

      By Brennan Leffler, September 27, 2013

      "David Perry has been investigating sex crimes for more than three decades, first as a Toronto Police officer, now as a private investigator. Even with all that experience, watching and listening as victims re-live childhood sexual abuse never gets easier."

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    • Global News: A city’s shame: reliving childhood sexual abuse

      By Brennan Leffler, September 28, 2013

      "The 58-year-old Montreal man who had been sitting across from me moments ago has disappeared. In his place sits a preteen boy, re-living a nightmare that started decades ago, back home in Saint John, New Brunswick."

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    • Telegraph Journal: Investigators expand Estabrooks probe

      By April Cunningham, September 26, 2013

      "Private investigators searching for new sex abuse victims of former Saint John police officer Ken Estabrooks are back in SaintJohn."

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    • Law Times: Investigators warned about privacy rules in social media checks

      BY Charlotte Santry, July 22, 2013

      "The digital age can be a hindrance when it comes to probing someone's past, says Ron Wretham, one of the chief executive officers of Investigative Solutions Network Inc. "With the proliferation of the Internet, people are able to purchase false documents like high school diplomas, university degrees""

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    • CTV NEWS: Discipline, preparation keys to years-long abductions, expert says

      By Staff, May 7, 2013

      "The discovery in a Cleveland residence of three women who had been missing for a decade has many people wondering how it’s possible they were confined so long without anyone knowing. Dave Perry, a former detective with the Toronto Police homicide and sex crimes unit, shares his insights."

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    • ISN: Interrogation - A Bad Word, An Even Worse Technique!

      By Dave Perry, May 2013

      "Perhaps the best way to determine how you want to be perceived as an interviewer is to ask yourself this question. What kind of an interviewer would you want to be questioned by and how would you like to be treated? Regardless of the situation, would you prefer an angry, aggressive interrogator using methods that would be ruled inadmissible in most courts? Or a skilled, well spoken interviewer using rapport based systems that fall well within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I firmly believe that the word interrogation and most of the techniques associated with it by definition have no place in the Canadian interview process. "

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    • Telegraph Journal: New victims of ex-cop come forward

      By Reid Southwick, November 8, 2012

      "Private investigators have identified more than a dozen new victims of a former police sergeant who was already convicted of abusing children while he was on the job."

      "David Perry, a former Toronto police detective now leading the Saint John investigation, is working with a $100,000 budget as he and his team continue their search for victims of Kenneth Byron Estabrooks, who died in 2005,and offerthem support."

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    • CTV Atlantic: More victims come forward in Kenneth Estabrooks case

      By Mike Cameron, November 7, 2012

      Investigators in New Brunswick say more than a dozen people have come forward in recent weeks, alleging they were molested by a former Saint John police officer.

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    • CHSJ News: 12 victims have come forward in Estabrooks investigation

      By CHSJ News, November 7, 2012

      Over 12 abuse victims of a deceased former Saint John police officer have come forward since the City of Saint John announced the hiring of a Toronto investigation firmback in August.

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    • Telegraph Journal: Ex-cop led double life

      By Reid Southwick, August 25, 2012

      " Kenneth Byron Estabrooks is shown in 1999. The former Saint John police officer showed no remorse for sexually assaulting three boys and a girl, one of whom was just five years old during the time of the abuse, court documents show."

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    • Telegraph Journal: Ex-cop's victim still haunted by abuse

      By Reid Southwick, August 23, 2012

      "SAINT JOHN –A man who was molested by a former Saint John police officer when he was just seven years old says he is still haunted by the cruel abuses he suffered so many years ago. Those chilling memories, the nightmares, never go away, he says."

      "And now, as private investigators seek out more victims of convicted child abuser Kenneth Byron Estabrooks and offer them counselling, this 60-year-old man says city officials never showed any concern for his well-being during the criminal trial or in the years after ward."

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    • Telegraph Journal: City trying to right a wrong, mayor says of Estabooks probe

      By Reid Southwick, August 22, 2012

      "SAINT JOHN – Private investigators reviewing a new sexual assault complaint filed against a former Saint John police officer are searching for more potential victims who have never before reported the assaults."

      "David Perry and his partner Ron Wretham, both former Toronto police detectives hired by Saint John city hall, are investigating a new complaint filed against Kenneth Byron Estabrooks, who is now dead but committed sex crimes against youth when he was a police officer."

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    • Telegraph Journal: Former Toronto Detectives to look into another sex assault complaint against Estabooks

      "SAINT JOHN – Saint John city hall has hired high-profile private investigators to probe a new complaint that a former city police officer – already convicted of sex crimes – sexually assaulted someone else."

      "The city has tapped David Perry and Ron Wretham, former Toronto police detectives, to conduct the investigation. Perry, who led several high-profile cases with the Toronto force’s sex crimes and sexual assault units,confirmed he and his partner are looking at a “historical” sexual assault case in Saint John,but would not name the subject of the investigation.

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    • CTV Atlantic: New investigation launched into decades-old child abuse case

      By Mike Cameron, August 21, 2012

      "A new investigation has been launched into a decades-old case of child abuse by a former Saint John police officer."

      "Kenneth Estabrooks was convicted in the 1990s of sexually abusing children, connected to complaints dating back to the 1950s."

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    • metro: Sex assault accusation involves dead cop

      By Metro Staff, August 21, 2012

      "SAINT JOHN, N.B. – The city of Saint John, N.B., has called in a private investigator to address a sexual assault allegation against a former police officer who died seven years ago."

      "David Perry, of Toronto-based Investigative Solutions Network, says the city received a sexual assault complaint involving Sgt. Ken Estabrooks earlier this year that dates back to the 1970s."

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    • CHSJ News: City Hires Firm To Look Into New Abuse Complaint

      By CHSJ News, August 21, 2012

      The City of Saint John learning early this year of a new sexual abuse complaint against deceased Saint John police officer Ken Estabrooks.

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    • CBC News - New Brunswick: New sex abuse allegations about late officer surface

      By CBC News, August 21, 2012

      Saint John has hired a private investigation firm to look into new sexual abuse allegations against a former police officer, the late Kenneth Estabrooks.

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    • Toronto Sun: Cops rail against prostitution ruling

      By Tamara Cherry, September 28, 2010

      Retired Toronto Police detective Dave Perry, who locked up countless pimps, said striking down the laws "is like handing out licences to pimps."

      "We are heading down a slippery slope which leads to violence against vulnerable women, legalized abuse and a masking of the real issues," Perry said.

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    • CTV News: Video made the difference in Tori's case: ex-cop

      By CTV Toronto, May 20, 2009

      "The short, grainy surveillance video that showed Victoria Stafford walking away from school with a woman is unquestionably the key to cracking the case, says a former Toronto homicide detective."

      "Without that piece of evidence, this would have been a very difficult case to solve -- and it might not have been solved," Dave Perry told on Wednesday.

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